Bang With Friends – Whatever next! LOL

Religious leaders have hit out after an image of a semi-naked glamour model was projected on to the front of a church.

Aspers casino put the 30ft image on the tower of All Saints' Church in Northampton on Saturday night to publicise a strip poker event.

A Peterborough Diocese spokesman said the company had "defaced an iconic landmark and a place of religious worship with an inappropriate image". Aspers said: "We did not mean to cause offence in any way at all."

Father David McConkey, priest at All Saints', said he was "startled" when parishioners began contacting him and he was shown a photograph of the Page Three model on his church.

"It seems very improper to me," he said.

'No decency'
"We want this building to be a sign of God in the community. The company have never contacted me or asked any permission to do this." He added: "I don't want to appear po-faced, but we would not have given permission for this." A casino spokesman said the projection "was purely meant in good spirit".

It was intended to advertise an "alternative Valentine's strip poker night" at the club. The image featured model "Jasmine" who will be appearing at the event, the spokesman added. The diocese spokesman said it was "disappointed that Aspers Casino has sought to use a church building for advertising a commercial event without offering payment and without even having the decency to seek permission first".

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