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World’s worst Internet passwords revealed

The number sequence “123456” is the internet’s worst password, according to a software company. The six-digit pass phrase was hacked more times than any other in 2013, leapfrogging the previous year’s winner, “password”.

Other common passwords were “abc123”, “admin”, “iloveyou”, “1111111” and “photoshop”. New to the list this year are easy-to-guess passwords like “1234” and “000000”.

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New Web Banner

If you’d like to link to us then you can use the new web banner we’ve put together. It looks like this:     and the code for you lovely people to use is: <a href=””><img style=”border: 0px solid; width: 728px; height: 90px;” alt=”Private Members Network Banner” src=”×90.png” hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″ /></a>   Thanks to those … Continue Reading »